my Role
Support marketing efforts or public policy initiatives with useful data and analysis.
my Strength
Apply systematic approaches to gathering, interpreting and simplifying information.
my Range
Service consumer, business and government markets.
Market Research and Economic Analysis
  Analyze consumer needs, target markets, business trends and technological changes to help companies improve their marketing plans or business plans.
  Improve research reports and presentations, web content and marketing collateral with better data and simple, visually appealing charts.
  Research existing data sources or manage custom research to help company executives formulate their business strategies and expand their sales.
  Project economic trends and analyze public policy to help company understand their business environment
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Blogging On Economics and Public Policy
  Tru-Analytics, an Ohio non-profit organization, was formed to promote economic growth and efficient government in Northeast Ohio.
  The mission of Tru-Analytics is to provide citizens, government officials and non-profit organizations with better economic data, analysis and educational materials supporting fiscally responsible government and more effective economic growth strategies
  The Tru-Analytics blog will monitor Northeast Ohio job and business creation and link local economic trends to state and national trends.
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Data Visualizations
  Data visualization is the science and art of presenting data in a graphical format rather than as text or tables.
  Presenting economic or business data as data visualizations allows business leaders to understand complex data more quickly and to make faster decisions.
  Data visualizations also allows business leaders to understand data more completely because outliers, geographical patterns, trends and relative proportions can be seen more easily.
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