What Colleagues and Co-Workers are Saying About Jim
    "During my tenure at the Plain Dealer as the Advertising Division’s Planning & Administration Manager, I had numerous opportunities to collaborate with Jim Trutko. A strategic, systemic thinker, Jim was always relied upon for his unique perspective on the opportunities and challenges of the Division. His grasp of various industry nuances, knowledge of pertinent governmental and private data sources, and meticulous analytical and research skills drive his insightful counsel. Of greatest value, his deliverables are tangible at the executive level, simplifying the complex, yet robust in supporting detail and structured for maximum utility. Jim Trutko is a welcome addition to the leadership of any organization." Len Chervenak
Former Planning & Admin Manager
Worked with Jim at The Plain Dealer
    "Jim has the ability to construct, from the bottom up, the types of economic data that isn't easy to find - regional or metropolitan economic and business statistics that aren't available "off the shelf". He can then take this data and make sense of it, relating it to broader economic patterns at the local or national level. He's done this for regional economic development agencies, and within the publishing and advertising industries. Anybody can download GDP figures and put them in a spreadsheet. Jim's talent lies in being able to build the data series that nobody else has. I've worked with Jim over a period of 30 years and can highly recommend him as a leader of a research team." Bruce Kratofil
Senior Market Research Analyst
Worked with Jim at The Plain Dealer and
the Greater Cleveland Growth Association
    "I reported to Jim at The Plain Dealer in the capacity of research analyst. He is well known for his prodigious skills as an economist and researcher, and is frequently sought out by local economic development organizations. As a manager he showed a real commitment to developing the skills of employees. He brings an inexhaustible energy and enthusiasm to the work of research and inspires the same in reports. Jim introduced me to many techniques that continue to influence my work today, as well as a passion for approaching difficult research questions in creative ways. Jim brings a wealth of managerial experience, business insights and practical skills to any firm." Anne Haney,
Former Market Research Analyst
Worked with Jim at The Plain Dealer
    "Jim played a pivotal role as our market research manager. Whether it was launching a new product or designing a sales strategy, Jim provided the detailed analysis that was needed to green light any project. Identifying trends in the market and making sense of large amounts of data we would receive was vital to our overall success as a sales organization. Jim would quickly analyze all data points and provide a brief report on the highlights and its impact on our company. If needed, Jim could provide you both long and short answers on his research projects. It was a pleasure to work with Jim, he is a solid research manager who can assist almost any organization."

Dave Breen,
Former Display Advertising
Worked with Jim at The Plain Dealer

    "Jim and I have been working colleagues and friends for 30 years. We worked very closely together on a number of initiatives during my time with COSE, and have consulted together on projects several times since. Jim is a gifted researcher and analyst, with a knack for turning data into useful information. He has a great understanding of markets, politics, and business, and the many places at which these disciplines intersect. He's very, very good at translating data into actionable steps, and is an excellent presenter." John Polk,
Former Senior VP, Exec. Dir.
Council Of Smaller Enterprises (COSE)
Greater Cleveland Growth Association
Worked with Jim at Greater Cleveland Partnership