Economic Impact of the Marketing and Communications Industry in Northeast Ohio
Overview of Ohio’s Employment and Business Conditions
Greater Cleveland Quarterly Economic Overview
Introduction to the Greater Cleveland Market and The Plain Dealer
Strategic Approach to the Greater Cleveland Market
The Plain Dealer 2006 and 2007 Readership Experience Studies
2008 and 2010 Sun Readership Survey Findings
Employment and Occupational Outlook for Cleveland
Final Report for The Great Lakes Governors’ Commission on the Machine Tool Industry
SBA: Franchising’s Growing Role in the U.S. Economy
My Challenges                  My Actions/Results
Research Organization
Increase advertiser response to sales presentations and marketing collateral. Reexamined syndicated studies and initiated custom research to develop new content. Simplified format of sales presentations. Doubled market research requests by sales staff to 1,200 annually over 2 years.
Reliable Strategic Information
Assess social, cultural, technological and industry changes affecting newspaper readership and competitive positioning. Reviewed industry strategies and assessed newspaper’s competitive losses to internet news sources. Conducted 3 readership surveys, focus groups and 4 competitive media assessments to discover content preferences and develop new sectional readership strategies. Implementation reduced readership losses and stabilized sectional advertising revenue.
Market Size & Share
Estimate total advertising market size. Create a practical market share report. Developed $1.9 billion ad market estimate. Used custom research from 2 vendors, several syndicated data sources and census to estimate size of 9 media. Contracted vendor to monitor selected media. Simplified report allowed sales managers to identify account changes and reduce competitive losses.
Marketing Collateral
Develop positive, credible statements for marketing collateral and promotional activities. Identified and documented promotable community assets for award-winning New Cleveland Campaign. Created local economic impact statements and acted as organizational spokesman.
Policy Recommendations
Provide policy recommendations on regulation of franchise industry to US Small Business Administration. Interviewed franchisers, franchisees and industry experts, authored report and developed recommendations to improve franchise regulations for US Small Business Administration.
Provide policy recommendations to strengthen competitive position of regional machine tool industry. Planned, coordinated and authored report for Great Lakes Governors’ Commission on the Machine Tool Industry, a multi-state effort to assist machine tool industry. Delivered congressional testimony on industrial revitalization.
Marketing Management
Develop management controls and marketing plan for 2 venture capital investments.  Developed business plan, marketing materials and financial controls for high-tech polymeric composite board manufacturer and computer memory card manufacturers.